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This bundle contains patches for the oe project.

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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[meta-oe] talloc: rename to libtalloc and cleanup dependency mess 2015-11-13 Jens Rehsack New
[meta-oe,2/5] talloc,libtevent,libtdb: depend on attr 2015-11-12 Christopher Larson New
[meta-oe,v2,3/3] libldb: explain dependency to openldap better 2015-11-12 Jens Rehsack New
[6/6] waf-samba.bbclass: add cross-answers option and files 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[5/6] samba: backport patches for cross-compiling 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[4/6] libtdb: upgrade to 1.3.7 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[3/6] libldb: upgrade to 1.1.21 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[2/6] talloc: upgrade to 2.1.3 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[1/6] libtevent: upgrade to 0.9.25 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[0/6] waf-samba: fix build failure on targets unsupported by qemu 2015-11-12 jackie huang New
[meta-networking] wireshark: update SRC_URI link to sources 2015-11-11 Ruslan Bilovol New
[meta-networking/jethro] lldpd: fix PN -> BPN SRC_URI for multilib build 2015-11-11 Randy MacLeod New
[meta-oe,3/3] libldb: make openldap optional, but default 2015-11-10 Jens Rehsack New
[v2] samba: fix the incorrect tmpfiles installed directory 2015-11-09 jackie huang New
[meta-networking] net-snmp: fix cross compilation 2015-11-04 Rafaël Carré New
postfix: premission of /var/spool/mail seems incorrect 2015-10-27 Zhenbo Gao New
[meta-networking,3/3] tcpdump: add PACKAGECONFIG for libcap-ng 2015-10-27 New
[meta-networking,2/3] pure-ftpd: add PACKAGECONFIG for libsodium 2015-10-27 New
[meta-networking,1/3] dovecot: add PACKAGECONFIG for lz4 2015-10-27 New
[meta-networking,fido,dizzy] squid: serveral missing security fixes 2015-10-26 Armin Kuster New
[meta-networking] ntp: upgrade 4.2.8p3 -> 4.2.8p4 2015-10-23 New
[meta-networking] netcat: add DESCRIPTION 2015-10-23 Robert Yang New
[meta-networking] lldpad: remove obsolete recipe 2015-10-22 Joe MacDonald New
[meta-networking] xl2tpd: Update git recipe and add release recipe 2015-10-22 Joe MacDonald New